Wall tiles

Are you planning to renovate the bathroom, living room, toilet or kitchen?

Give the room a luxurious look with the help of wall tiles. For a wide range of wall tiles, you are at Granite and Marmerhouse at the ideal address. Whether you prefer square or rectangular tiles, large or small, you will find them in various colors with a matt or shiny appearance and in different looks and designs. Because of our special selection you will certainly find a wall tile that best suits your taste and wishes, regardless of your budget. In our assortment you will find floor tiles next to wall tiles, these tiles can also be glued to your wall. Conversely, the wall tiles unfortunately can not be placed on the floor because this increases the wear of the wall tiles.

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Create the ideal atmosphere with the wall tiles bathroom from Granite and Marmerhouse. Wall tiles not only provide a beautiful look, but also contribute to a hygienic space. Wall tiles are water-resistant and easy to clean, making them ideal for the bathroom, kitchen, pantry or toilet. Within our extensive range you will find tiles and wall strips in different styles. You can also choose from the following colors:


When choosing the color for the bathroom, the following tips: Scratches are less visible on light and matt tiles, dirt is less visible on tiles of a dark color. Also discover the matching tile plinths from our range for a unique finish


Wall tiles are also ideal for the kitchen or the toilet. Do you have the kitchen wall tiles installed? We gladly take the work out of your hands, so you can be sure that they are placed by a specialist with expert knowledge, so that you can enjoy the wall for many years.

To create a special appearance you can choose to take floor tiles that can be placed on the wall or on the floor.

In addition to wall tiles, we also sell floor tiles.