Floor tiles

If you completely renovate the bathroom, kitchen, living room, terrace garden or any other space, floor tiles are of course an important part. At Granite and Marble House we offer a wide choice of floor tiles of different looks, sizes, colors and designs in different materials. Floors made of natural stone marble, travertine, granite and ceramics are very popular. With our huge assortment you determine what kind of look and feel the desired space will be given. With us you can also go for the same tile plinths of the same floor tile to give your floor tiles an extra beautiful accent.

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Have you already come up with a specific color floor tile for the room yet to be tiled? Then you can easily see the entire range in these colors through the filter color. You can also opt for an entirely square floor tile or a rectangular one. You will even find floor tiles in different looks, such as wood look, concrete look and teak look, which give the room that desired specific look. Do you want to make the floor of your kitchen or bathroom truly unique? Then view the floor tile dimensions that consist of tiles of unusual large or small sizes. With this you can make the room special.


With a floor tile garden of Granite and Marble house you determine the atmosphere of your garden. You can adjust the tiles on the garden furniture and on other parts such as the awning and terrace. Are you planning to redesign the garden? Then you can of course buy these at Granite and Marblehouse, so that they fit perfectly with the floor tiles. If you have questions about installing the floor tile garden or any part, you can contact us by phone, e-mail or visit us in our showroom.

In addition to floor tiles, we also sell wall tiles.