Natural stone

The formation of natural stones

As the name indicates, natural stones are stones that are created by nature. .

All stones are unique in terms of texture and colour. But all natural stones have one thing in common. They have all been formed after a long process that took years. Different elements formed the stones. Water, lava, earth and more. Some stones are formed from the inside of a mountain or underwater. Natural stones are unique and special. Each stone was created by its own process, each stone has its own story.

Hardness of natural stones

The most important characteristic of natural stones, is the fact that they have their own density.

Density determines the fragility, discoloration, scratch solidity, and the wear and tear of the stone. That is why the density is the most important characteristic of every natural stone.

The density is measured on a European scale of 0 till 10 maximum. Quality is very important to our company, that is why we only sell natural stones which have the highest quality and the highest degree of density. The highest level of marble is 2,5 on the European scale and the highest level of granite is 9.1. Despite the fact that granite with this degree of density is very rare, we have these stones in our assortment. Also, we have travertine with a density of 6.5, which is the highest density possible.

True beauty comes from within

To ensure the hardness of all of our products we only use stones from the exact center of a mountain where the bricks are cut into blocks.

Due to our extensive range of products, we extract these blocks from mountains from all over the world. All this to ensure absolute top quality and 2 year warranty.Over 80% of all sold natural stones do not come from the center of the mountain and will therefore not achieve the mentioned hardness and associated qualities


Basalt and granite stones are modified to give it a harsh finish.

Marble is either polished, which results in a satin finish, or it has been modified in a way that it gives a more matte finish to the stone.