Frequently asked questions


1What are the kind of different natural stones?
There is a large variety of natural stones. However, not all natural stones are suitable to be used. Graniet & Marmerhouse offers marble, granite, basalt, quartz and travertine. Please click here for more information about natural stones
2Which natural stones do you offer?
We offer 3 types of natural stone, (marble, granite and travertine), in various sizes, structures and thicknesses. Please click here for more information about our assortment
3What are the differences in the natural stones?

  • toughness: 2,5
  • wear resistant: reasonable
  • maintenance-friendly: reasonable
  • heat resistant: reasonable
  • frost proof: reasonable
  • waterproof: reasonable
  • insensitive to acids: reasonable


  • toughness: 9,1+
  • wear resistant: very
  • maintenance-friendly: very
  • heat resistant: very
  • frost proof: very
  • waterproof: very
  • insensitive to acids: reasonable


  • toughness: 6.5
  • wear resistant: moderate
  • maintenance-friendly: very
  • heat resistant: reasonable
  • frost proof: moderate
  • waterproof: moderate
  • insensitive to acids: moderate
4Where are all natural stones found?
Our stones come from over 280 countries and from over 5.000 quarries, so we can offer an extensive assortment of stones. In order for us to guarantee the best density, we only use the middle part of the quarry. That is the reason why we derive our stones from so many different quarries.
5Will the stone color change?
Typically, natural stones will slowly change colors gradually. But the colors of our stones will not change, because we only offer stones which have a density of at least 9.


1Will I get warranty when I purchase stones?
The standard warranty is for a period of 2 years. However, it is possible to extend the warranty. We would be happy to discuss this option with you.
2Can get a stone sample?
We would be happy to provide you with a sample upon request. We have samples available of each stone that we offer in our assortment.


1What is the delivery time
Our stones will be delivered from our inventory. Should we not have the desired stones in our inventory, the delivery time will take five to six weeks maximum.
2Can you install the stones?
We can put you in contact with a specialist who will be able to install the stone that you purchased at Graniet & Marmerhouse.


1I spilled fluid on my marble floor. What should I do?
Due to the hardness and quality of the stone, the fluid will not be absorbed by the stone immediately. However, it is advised that the stone is cleaned as soon as possible. The stone can be cleaned with a liquid soap.
2How to take care of the stones and how often?
Every natural stones has its own hardness. Our stones have a hardness of 9 based on the European scale which ranges from 0 till 10. This means that our stones do not need a seal coating and are easy to maintain and to be cleaned. For example, should the stones have a layer of algae and moss at the end of the winter season, the stones can easily be cleaned by rinsing the stones with water. Due to the hardness and quality of our stones, the top layer of our stones will never get damaged. In contrast, stones will a lower degree of hardness will get damaged fast.

Other questions

1Is there a tax advantage for Dutch entrepreneurs?
Graniet & Marmerhouse is located in Bad Bentheim, Germany. The law in Germany states that the taxes (btw) of 19%, are not applicable to Dutch entrepreneurs. As a Dutch entrepreneur, you will not have to pay this tax. Please inform your accountant so he/she can report this to the tax collectors office.