Passion for stones

Natural stones are unique, stylish and durable. Natural stones are created in a unique way by nature and occurs in different forms and gradations.

Granite & Marmer house equals quality. We search for the best quality stones by selecting reliable suppliers who conduct quality checks. We offer the best quality so we can guarantee a luxury finish and durability of our products.

Quality from
around the world

We are passionate about natural stones and we are committed to offer the best quality. This is more durable and more beautiful. In order for us to offer the highest level of quality and offer a large assortment, we derive our stones from around the world. We do this so we can guarantee the best quality and offer a 2 year warranty.

Driven by passion

Because we are passionate about and love beautiful natural stones, we are excited to offer these stones to a large group of people. Therefore, we are committed to offer the best quality, from the inside of the mountain. The wide variety of natural stones, structures, uses and colors can be used for a lot of different purposes. A beautiful marble floor or granite details in kitchen or bathroom? We will take care of this for you. And we are committed to offer you quality products, because we love quality products.
‘Such a beautiful creation which has been polished for years by nature, which was cut out and found a beautiful spot in a bathroom. There is no way you can not be impressed by this?!'



Inspiring and compelling

Because this is such a special and uniqe product that is created by mother nature, it is our commitment to treat it with care and attention. Natural stones represent the beauty of our earth. Our passion for natural stones and the long formation process which have led to these beautiful stones, is our motivation for what we do. We love it, we love talking about it and we love sharing it with other people. Because beauty is something that needs to be shared.

A personal touch

For optimal pleasure and satisfaction, we always recommend personal advice. Natural stones are unique and with the right information we can provide you with the best product for your application. We are at your service.